Double Mercerized Combed Cotton


Double mercerized combed cotton fabric is produced using more complicated procedure in the removal of impurities comparing to general cotton fabric. The cotton is first carded one by one in a high-density carding machine. It is then refined to remove impurities and spun into yarn. After the first step of mercerizing singeing process, it is woven into cloth. A second mercerizing singeing treatment is applied in order to become the top double mercerized combed cotton products.
The willingness and commitment to use such high end fabric generate the most sought after fashion clothing by the stylish class.
Double mercerized combed cotton exhibits many advantages:
1. Cool sense and quick dry - double mercerized smooth fabric is a heat dissipation tool.
2. Good air permeability - double mercerized treatment is thin and more breathable.
3. Sweat fast - can reduce the sweat generation.
4. Texture cool and soft - smooth and meticulous, like silk-touch luster and feel.
5. Stability - is not easy to deform and shrink with washing, it is not easy to peel and luster and will last as new